Tax Liability Analysis Reports
The Quickest, Easiest and Most Affordable Way To Get Back On Track With The IRS.
The Tax Liability Analysis and Reports is the first step to resolving your IRS problem. The best part is that It will literally pay for itself! Keep reading to discover how to get it for free.

It doesn't matter if you have unfiled tax returns, owe the IRS or FTB, or want to know how your tax payments are being applied the Tax Liability Analysis will give you all the information you need in a simple and easy to read report.

Of course, you can always request transcripts from the IRS at no cost to you but you need to learn IRS lingo and how to decipher their complex IRS code to know what steps to take to resolve your IRS problem.

On the other hand you can go the easy route and get our Tax Liability Analysis and Reports. These reports are custom tailored to your tax situation and it includes the following:

Compliance Report
In this report you'll quickly see what years you've filed and what years you need to file to be in compliance.
Liability Report
In this report you'll discover what tax years you owe and a have at your fingertips a running balance of what you owe.
Estimated CSED (Collection Statute Expiration Date)
A look at what tax years IRS can no longer collect due to their statute of limitations. This is a powerful report because the IRS will never tell you when they can no longer collect on your tax debt.

First Time Penalty Abatement Eligibility Report (FTA)
This is my favorite report. Using this report to your advantage can pay for the entire Tax Liability Analysis and Reports essentially making it free. This is a closely held IRS secret. All taxpayers qualify for a first time penalty abatement. There are rules to qualify for the FTA but in this report you will quickly know if you qualify for a first time penalty abatement. My clients have abated thousands of dollars on failure to pay and failure to file penalties.

Bonus #1
You'll get a FREE consultation. I will review the report for you and advice you on the best step to take next.

Bonus #2
You'll get $100 off our Sleep Like A Baby, No Worry Tax Preparation service.

Tax Resolution companies you hear on the radio peddling their services charge thousands just to get started with them. Last I heard they charge in the upwards of $1500 in order to get started. That’s insane!

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Tax Liability Analysis Reports
Compliance Report
Liability Report
Estimated CSED
FTA Eligibility Report
Free Consultation
$100 Certificate for Tax Preparation