Hi Friends,

My name is Gama Garcia and along with my wife Araceli we own and operate Garcia’s Tax Service a professional tax preparation firm.

We started GTS as a commitment to help our community file their taxes accurately and on a timely manner.

We have been in business since 2005.

Our first office was based in a makeshift office in our garage. My wife worked nights to pay the bills while I prepared taxes during the day. It wasn’t easy taking care of our two kids ages 2 and 6. You can imagine the challenge that presented to us. I had one client walk out because my 2 year old wouldn’t stay still. We didn’t have the budget for a babysitter so I juggled between caring for my kids and preparing taxes at the same time.

Luckily, our first tax season worked out fine. I was helping people and making extra money at the same time. A win win situation.

Now we have our private office in the Corporate Building next to the Moreno Valley Court. A huge leap from our humble beginnings.

Today my wife enjoys the luxury of staying home with our children. We were blessed with our third child in 2011. This time around my wife was able to stay home and raise him without missing those precious moments.

At Garcia’s Tax Service we understand families daily struggles. We are committed to making filing your taxes painless and fast. We welcome children in our office and welcome you to come in to prepare your taxes with us.